Becky Pine | Police Notes

Sergeant _____ asked me to respond to _____ Starboard Street to assist Officers _____ and _____. About five minutes after I arrived at the decedent’s residence, her husband, identified as King Pine (also known as Mack) arrived in a white car. The decedent’s sister arrived 30 minutes later. The decedent’s sister is identified as Becky Pine.

Becky lives in Colorado. She was notified of her sister’s injury by phone by the decedent’s husband. She took a flight from Denver to LAX and arrived at LAX around 1400 hours. She arrived at the hospital after 1500 hours.

Becky told me the relationship between the decedent and her husband was peculiar.  Becky said her sister was a very successful self-employed kitchen designer and worked out of her home. She has life insurance and six-figures in assets. Riva bought the house at _____ Starboard with her own money, but King later had her put his name on the title. Riva met her husband on a job
about 15 years ago where he was doing cabinet work. They’ve been married for 13 years.

Becky said her sister supports the family and the husband does very little work in his career field as a general contractor. Becky said King has an attitude about money where the money Riva makes is the family money and any money he gets is his money. Becky said King’s mom died four or five years ago, and he inherited about $100,000, but he wastefully spent this money.

King’s mother’s husband (Kings’s step-father) kept the mother’s house in Menifee, but he died about two years ago. King sold the house and whatever he got from the sale he “pissed all the money away.”

Becky said her sister told her King was a sex addict and apparently had some type of abusive childhood. Becky thinks King is insecure. He thought the decedent was going to leave him. Becky said her sister believed King was possibly having an affair. There were always questions about his fidelity during their marriage.

Becky said King was emotionally abusive and manipulative to her sister, repeatedly accusing her of wanting to leave him due to his possible unfaithfulness, and pressuring the decedent to financially support him. Becky said her sister never reported any physical violence between her and King. Becky said her sister loved King but their relationship seemed unusual. I concluded my interview of Becky Pine.

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