First Responders | Police Notes

I, Officer _____, responded to the hospital to assist Officer _____ on a report of a possible assault with a deadly weapon. The victim is identified as Riva Kathleen Pine.

When I arrived in the ICU, I contacted Sergeant _____ who asked me to contact the Emergency Room (ER) staff to see if any of them were present when the decedent was brought into the ER. He also asked me to contact the Long Beach Fire Department personnel who responded to the decedent’s home to get their observations of the scene and the victim’s injuries.

I contacted the Fire Department. I eventually spoke on the telephone with Paramedic _____ (Rescue 2) and Paramedic _____ (Engine 20).

Paramedic _____ said he was riding on Engine 20 which was the first unit to arrive at the victim’s home. He said he found the victim lying supine on the floor of the exercise room. There was not a yoga mat on the floor of this room. The floor surface of this room is a dark, stained concrete. He said this room had very little furniture and some “Hawaiian art objects” on the walls. The victim was lying in the middle of the room away from any of these items. He said the victim wasn’t able to speak but did respond to his questions by squeezing his hand.

He found a large hematoma on the back of the victim’s head at base of her skull. It was covered up by her hair. This hematoma was bleeding a little and there were drops of blood on the concrete floor below her head. He didn’t see blood anywhere else in the room. The injury appeared to be minor. Due to the victim’s vital signs, however, he realized that she needed to be transported to a trauma center. The husband specifically requested that his wife be taken to Mary the Tower Medical Center. I concluded my interview of _____.

I spoke with Paramedic _____ (Rescue 2) who stated that when he arrived at the residence, he took over documenting the victim’s injuries from Paramedic _____, who was the person initially assessing and treating the victim. Paramedic _____ said the victim was lying supine in the middle of the floor of a large exercise room. She was at least three feet away from any furniture. There was no yoga mat on the floor of this room. As the victim was being treated, he noticed some blood on the floor below her head. He said the victim had a large hematoma at the base of the skull under her hair. The blood on the floor was from this hematoma.

He estimated that there were 20 drops of blood on the floor. I asked him if there was blood anywhere else in the room, such as other drops or smeared drops on the floor or blood on any furniture or objects. He didn’t remember seeing blood anywhere except a small amount under the victim’s head. Once the victim was removed from the home on a gurney and taken into the rescue vehicle, paramedics noticed that the victim’s pupils were unequal, which can be a sign of brain injury. I concluded my interview of _____.

I went to the ER and spoke with _____, ER charge nurse. Nurse _____ was present in the ER when the decedent was brought in by Rescue 2. She said she herself was not one of the people who treated the decedent. She saw the decedent and does not recall seeing any visible injuries to her face or body. She does not recall seeing any blood.

Given the decedent’s inability to talk and the unequal dilation of her pupils, the ER staff initially thought the decedent had suffered a stroke. The doctor ordered a CT scan. The results showed that the decedent had a basal skull fracture to the left occipital area, a large occipital hematoma, and a large frontal hematoma.

The ER staff spoke with the husband who said the decedent was doing yoga while he was in another room. He heard a noise and found her lying supine on the floor. Nurse _____ said the ER staff discussed the statement given to them by the husband. ER staff believed it was an “odd injury for the story.”

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