King Pine | Police Notes

My partner Officer _____ and I, Officer _____, were working uniform patrol in a marked black-and-white police vehicle. Sergeant _____ sent us to secure a residence at _____ Starboard Street.

My partner and I arrived at the residence at 1905 hours. Sergeant _____ told us no one was to enter or leave the residence because it was a possible crime scene. Homicide had been notified.

King Pine resides at the house. One hour after our arrival at the scene, Pine arrived in a new, white car with paper dealer plates. He parked in front of his residence in his driveway.

I spoke with Pine, who offered many extremely specific details about his day without being prompted by me. He stated the following information.

That morning at approximately 0830 hours, Pine went out to walk his dog while his wife Riva Kathleen Pine went into the recreation room to perform yoga. Pine stated he walked the dog routinely almost every day while his wife performed yoga in the recreation room. Pine walked around the neighborhood and through the park for approximately 45 minutes and came home. When he got home he washed his feet and his dog’s feet with the garden hose in front of his house.

Before going into the house, Pine would say, “Lizards,” and his dog would patter his feet around as if looking for lizards. Pine did this to help dry the dog’s feet after washing them.

Pine went inside with his dog. He noticed that the dog quickly ran toward the recreation room. The recreation-room door was closed. Pine could hear his wife’s yoga video application playing on a tablet-style electronic device in the room. This is how he knew that she was still doing yoga, although he could not see her.

Pine said that, normally, his wife would come out of the yoga room and give the dog granola and nine blueberries for breakfast. Since she was still doing yoga, Pine went into the master bathroom and saw a bag filled with clothes for charity. He thought to himself that he needed to drop the clothes off that day. He then saw an old package that he needed to mail out that day. He completely forgot about the charity bag filled with clothes. Instead, he was thinking how he had to go to the post office in Los Alamitos to drop off the package.

As he began to grab his belongings and his car keys to get ready to go, he heard a loud crash. He thought it sounded like wood being hit. He stated that it was “a wooden noise.” A construction crew was repairing a sidewalk on his block that morning. He thought the noise was possibly due to this construction work. He started to look around his house. He then thought he should go check on his wife.

When he opened the door to the recreation room, he saw his wife lying on her back on the floor. She was semi-conscious. Her head was oriented in westerly direction, with her hands crossed over her stomach area. She was slowly moving her feet as if trying in vain to get up. There was a yoga mat in the middle of the room. Her calves were the only portion of her body on the mat. Her head was approximately 18 inches away from a wooden hutch. Pine stated that he didn’t see any blood when he saw her lying there.

Pine quickly got down on his knees and placed his right hand underneath her head. He slowly pulled his hand back and saw that she was bleeding. He began to freak out. His wife kept saying, “I got to finish, I got to finish,” but in a manner which was unclear. Pine said he understood what she was saying. She wanted to complete her yoga routine. But it was obvious to him that something was not right.

He called 911 and asked for help. He then called his neighbor across the street at _____ Starboard. He is not sure if he called 911 before or after he called his neighbor. His neighbor is a retired firefighter. He left a voice-mail message asking the retired firefighter for help because he began to see his wife fading. Her eyes were slowly closing and he could see she was losing consciousness. He began to gently slap her cheeks to keep her awake. He stated he had seen it done on TV. He remembered to not let people slip into sleep when they are injured. He was attempting to keep her awake until help arrived. She continued to close her eyes and lose consciousness during this time.

When the Long Beach Fire Department arrived a few minutes later, they asked him to step out of the room. They stated to him, “Let us take over, please.” Pine left the room. The Long Beach Fire Department began to prepare his wife for transport to the hospital. They asked which hospital he wanted her to go to. He chose Mary the Tower because he knew some people on his street who worked there.

As the Long Beach Fire Department was departing his residence, Pine noticed that they had forgotten their EKG machine in his house. He ran out and stopped the paramedics as they were departing. He gave them their EKG machine.

He then gathered all the documents he believed would be necessary at the hospital, such as insurance cards and identification cards. He left to go to the hospital with all the necessary documents. He remained there until his wife’s sister arrived from Colorado around four o’clock.

When he returned home, he was very distraught. His neighbor  _____, who lives a couple of houses down, came over and asked Pine if she could help him with anything. He asked her if she would take a walk with him, and they took a long walk around the neighborhood. When they returned to his residence, he asked her if she would help clean up the blood in the recreation room. Since she is a nurse, “blood does not upset her.” Pine said he could not bear seeing his wife’s blood and being reminded of his wife lying on the floor.

Pine and _____ went into the room and washed the dried blood away. _____ began to scrub very hard. Her scrubbing began to remove the black stain that was on the concrete. This caused a brownish/yellowish color to appear. Pine stopped _____ from scrubbing any more. On the floor, he saw a circle on the concrete where the black stain was scrubbed off. He said it was a constant reminder to him of where his wife’s head was lying when he entered the room.

Pine stated that the cleanup took only a few minutes. He said he threw away the towels they used to clean up the blood, along with the yoga mat that was in the room. He placed a candleholder where his wife’s head had been. The candleholder was a white, ceramic figure of a reclining Buddha with three votive-size or tea-light candles. He lit the candles in memory of his wife. The trash was picked up already by the waste disposal truck, so the yoga mat and T-shirt he used to clean the floor were no longer in his possession.

Pine was very open and understanding. He was very compliant with us. He said he was frustrated that Long Beach Police did not come out that morning when he called 911, and had come later instead. He gave us access to the surveillance video footage that was recorded around his house. He said he understood why we were out there. Pine stated that he and his wife had no financial issues. He also said, “I am the housewife.” He stated that he cleans and takes care of the house while his wife is self-employed and works as a designer.

He also stated that his mother and father had died recently due to cancer and that his wife was the only family he had left. He was very sad throughout the interview and was willing to do whatever was necessary to help with the investigation.

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