Unidentified Neighbor | Police Notes

I, Officer _____, working in a marked black-and-white vehicle assisted at _____ Starboard Street regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon report call.

Upon arrival, I talked with a neighbor named _____ who resides at _____ Starboard Street. According to King Pine, this neighbor was a friend who helped him clean the room where the incident involving Riva Pine had occurred. Neighbor _____ stated to me that she has known both the decedent and King for approximately 12 years. She said she has a very close relationship with both King and the decedent.

She stated that she arrived home at approximately 1300 hours. She was told by another neighbor that Riva was in the hospital. After hearing this, she telephoned King, whom she refers to as “Mack.” After speaking with Mack, she drove directly to hospital to check on Mack. She arrived there at approximately 1330 hours. She left the hospital and drove home at about 1600 hours.

Sometime after 1600 hours, she spoke to Mack again. She said that she could not remember if she called Mack or if he called her. She asked him if he needed anything. He asked her if she could go with him to walk Mack’s dog. They walked to the park with the dog. After the walk, she asked Mack if he needed help with anything else. He asked her if she would help him clean the room where the incident happened.

She stated that she had been an ER nurse for 25 years. The sight of blood does not bother her. She saw that the door to the yoga room was closed. She said this was normal in order to keep the dog out of the room. She entered the room and saw that there was a blue yoga mat and a white towel on the floor. She believes there were a couple drops of blood on the yoga mat and stated that she wasn’t paying attention to the towel, so she does not remember if there was any blood on it.

I asked how much blood was on the floor. She stated that she was not paying attention to the blood. She just helped to clean it. I asked if the blood was already dry and she stated that it was.

She said that she stayed with Mack the entire time. She believes that he made a solution of warm water, Simple Green cleaning liquid, and bleach. He placed this into a bucket. She thinks she used a sponge to clean up the blood. She said that Mack helped to clean the floor by using a brush of some kind.

I again asked her how much blood was on the floor. I asked her to show me using her hands. She stated that she really couldn’t say. After cleaning up the blood, Mack threw the towel and yoga mat away. The trash cans were emptied and the contents had been taken away by the trash hauling company.

I asked she if anything seemed out of the ordinary in the room. She stated that she had been in that room several times and nothing looked out of place. I asked her to describe the relationship between Mack and the decedent. She stated, “Total love and devotion.” I did not ask further questions.

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