Becky, I examined two photos taken at Riva’s house. One shows the floor of the master bathroom. The other shows a chair leg in the dining area. In the bathroom photo, I found marks on the floor that appear to be consistent with the tread pattern of a popular brand of sandal. I used levels-adjustment techniques to isolate and magnify the appearance of the color red in the photo. This does NOT conclusively indicate the presence of blood!

Likewise, in the second photo, I found fluid spatter on a chair leg. It is not possible for us to know whether blood is present just by looking at a photograph. While these photos help us to understand the scene, they prove nothing regarding the presence of Riva’s blood. Click on the images to enlarge them.

I included the last three photos because I would like to make a point about Riva’s glasses. The last time she was seen alive on the video, she was wearing glasses. A similar pair of glasses was photographed by the police on the hutch between the two sinks in the master bathroom. I would like to suggest the possibility that Riva took off her glasses to get ready for bed, and she never left the bathroom alive.

I realize that this scenario contradicts what you saw through the waterfall. If there is a discrepancy between what you saw and “what really happened,” it may be due to a situation in which Riva’s neurologically compromised consciousness struggled to reconstruct a sensible story of the events. Psychically speaking, her version of story is muddled with Mack’s self-serving version of the story. Meaning, it may be difficult to psychically know the facts. In this case, the psychic story of “what really happened” is a subjective interpretation of fact fragments.

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