Case Documents

Dear Becky,
I asked one of the sisters to remote-view and transcribe documents related to Riva’s case. In her viewing, she observed thick haze around the case, which suggests that the situation is in flux. Therefore, psychic downloads will be fragmented and incomplete. Names and other details are missing. Even so, perhaps these notes will help you to better understand your sister’s case. More to come.
Warm regards,

  1. Initial Investigation | Police Notes

  2. First Responders | Police Notes

  3. King Pine Interview | Police Notes

  4. Becky Pine Interview | Police Notes

  5. Unidentified Neighbor | Police Notes

  6. Knock-and-Talk Interviews | Police Notes

  7. Homicide Detective Notes

  8. Floor Plan of Riva’s House

  9. Videos

  10. Photos

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