Initial Investigation | Police Notes

I, Officer ______, working uniformed patrol, was dispatched to St. Mary the Tower Hospital ICU Module 5 regarding a subject who was brought into the hospital with suspicious injuries. Upon my arrival, I was met by Nurse _____. I asked _____ which patient was there with suspicious injuries. He told me Riva Pine in bed 3.

I asked him if we could speak in private. We went into a break room across the hall from ICU Module 5. I asked him to tell me what he knew regarding Riva. He said, “She is brain dead.”

He told me Riva was brought into the hospital at approximately 0930 hours with a head injury she suffered while doing yoga at her residence. He said he heard from other nurses that Riva’s husband was in the house at the time of the injury.

I asked him if Riva had any visitors in her room right now. He said that her sister Becky Pine from Colorado was there. Her husband King Pine was there earlier and may still be on the hospital campus. Due to the possible suspicious circumstances surrounding Riva’s injuries, and because her husband was possibly on the premises, I requested additional units to respond pending my investigation.

I asked him which doctors had treated Riva. He said Dr. _____ was her emergency room trauma doctor.

I telephoned Dr. _____ and asked him if he recalled treating Riva Pine. Dr. _____ said yes, he recalled treating her. I asked Dr. _____ to tell me about her condition when she arrived at the hospital. Dr. _____ stated that Riva arrived at the hospital that morning with a serious head injury. She had a laceration on the back of her scalp in the shape of the letter L. He closed this wound with surgical staples.

Dr. _____ said Riva underwent a CT scan which revealed she had bleeding on the front and back of her brain. She had a skull fracture approximately four inches in length.

I asked Dr. _____ what he was told about how Riva received her injuries. He heard that she was doing yoga in her residence. Her husband, who was in another room, heard her fall and hit her head on a concrete floor.

I asked Dr. _____ if he believed a person could receive injuries like Riva’s from falling while doing yoga. Dr. _____ said, “It could be just a freak accident but in my opinion it looks suspicious. Something could have hit the back of her head causing a lot of trauma. Wherever this incident happened, there will be a lot of blood.”

Sergeant _____ was advised of the above and contacted Homicide.

Believing the circumstances surrounding Riva’s injuries to be suspicious, I prepared a search warrant for the residence of _____ Starboard Street, which was signed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge _____. I gave the signed search warrant to Detective _____, who searched the residence with Detective _____. I booked a copy of the search warrant into evidence.

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