Knock-and-Talk Interviews | Police Notes

I, Officer _____, was working uniformed patrol. Sergeant _____ directed me to conduct knock-and-talk interviews at every residence on the north side of Starboard Street west of house number _____. I was instructed to ask the occupants what they knew of the people residing at _____ Starboard, and if they had heard or seen anything unusual that morning.

At _____ Starboard, the residents were not home.

At _____ Starboard, Officer _____ was already interviewing this resident, named _____.

At _____ Starboard, I spoke to residents _____ and _____.  The husband told me the following: He knows the male resident of _____ Starboard as Mack but does not remember the female’s name. He believes Mack is in construction, and the lady is in interior design. Dating back to when he first moved to the neighborhood eight years ago, he recalls talking to Mack about remodeling his house. Mack showed him architectural drawings that the lady had done. He last talked to Mack a couple of years ago when Mack said he was interested in selling his recently deceased mother’s house in Menifee. They discussed the real estate market because _____ is a real estate agent. Since then, they have exchanged pleasantries.

_____ told me the following: Mack is a handyman or general contractor and he does all his own landscaping. Mack’s wife designed the remodel project for _____ Starboard, home of _____, and Mack did the construction work. Both Mack and his wife walk their dog (a copper-colored, 80-pound, sleek dog, not a greyhound, but with a similar build) around the neighborhood and behind the houses on the golf course. Mack does “neighborhood watch” and is bold enough to knock on car windows of people he doesn’t recognize who are parked in the neighborhood.

At _____ Starboard, the occupants here are _____ and _____. The husband knows the occupants of _____ Starboard as Mack and Riva. Riva just turned 50 years old. _____ was standing in his front yard with his wife today around 1300 hours when his neighbor _____ (owner of _____ Starboard) pulled her vehicle alongside the curb and told them she had just checked her messages and found that Mack had called saying that Riva had fallen and was in the hospital. When _____ returned from the hospital around 1600 hours, she told him and his wife that she thinks Riva will die. Riva hit her head doing yoga and slipped or blacked out. She hit her head on something.

He described Mack as having a gruff manner but being easy to talk to. He said he used the word “gruff” because Mack looks focused and does not smile until you start talking to him. He added that Mack walks his dog around the neighborhood.

The wife told me the following: She does not know Riva. Whenever she visits Mack’s house, Riva is usually busy working, perhaps as an interior decorator. Mack is very private. He enjoys cooking and health food. She takes him bread she bakes, and he will give her things he has made such as barbecued meat. Mack’s parents have passed away and he has no family. Mack is good with electrical systems. He installed the sound system and lighting in his home. He is always sweet, pleasant, and friendly. Mack and Riva sometimes walk their dog together.

Mack had a back injury a couple of years ago. Neighbor _____ is a registered nurse who does acupuncture treatments on Mack’s back. This neighbor told her that Mack cannot work because of his disability so he is a “house husband” and takes care of the home, keeps it clean, and cooks. “He is the perfect man, a perfect husband, very handsome,” she stated. Mack built a room in his home for meditation and yoga because he is “committed to peaceful living.”

At _____ Starboard, _____ and _____ live with their young son. The husband told me that he knows the occupants as Mack and Riva, but he does not know them well. Mack is a contractor. Riva is a designer. They do not talk much because years ago he had criticized Mack about letting his dog run loose on the golf course behind their homes. Mack’s off-leash dog created a disturbance for him and his tenants, causing their dogs to bark and become difficult to control.

His wife _____ told me that Mack and his wife seem like nice people. They say hello when they are walking the dog. Mack was working in his front yard during the past couple of days.

After I had left her residence and was knocking two doors down at _____ Starboard, _____ approached me and asked me if Riva was okay. She stated that, because I was inquiring about Mack and Riva, she became worried that there could have been domestic violence. She said, “Mack is armed.” I asked her to clarify. She said that Mack told her that he has guns in his house. He told her that he has surveillance cameras, too, in case his home is ever burglarized. That way, he will have video proof if he ever needs to shoot someone. He will be able to prove it was self-defense. She kept asking me, “Is Riva okay?”

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